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Please select the total area to be scanned *:X-Small ≤ 500m²
Please select the number of Mattertag info points:Pack of 10
Exhibits [Virtual Staging Images]:20

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Let your passers-by rummage at any time of the day or night, find out more and, if necessary, go shopping. 

With a QR code on the door that leads to one of our 3D tours, your passers-by can visit the store at any time and don't just walk past it. From now on they are always open.

Our 3D tours are fun and offer plenty of space for Information and interaction options, such as making appointments, chats, videos, downloads, shop links, and even augmented reality projections.     

The powerful 3D tour package for wholesalers consists

  1. Matterport 3D Tour | Edited and with your contact details in the tour
  2. Advanced Showcase, Custom Showcase or Business Showcase 
  3. Dynamic QR Code mit Analytics 
  4. Mattertag form with e.g. making an appointment
  5. Optional interactive media info points created by us in the tour for the description and detailed view of the objects or with links to your online store. Or at any time with a WhatsAppMe chat link.

Everything from a single source and from just one recording appointment. Simply order online and we will deliver within 48 hours (Mon-Fri) after admission. 

Take off and draw attention to yourself and your offer.

Not the right package for you? Then please contact us at info@meshimages.com or via the contact options here on the website and we will put together a suitable package for you.

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