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We create virtual experiences for you that tell stories - with multifunctional hotspots, clickable objects, quiz cards and much more for your audience to discover as they walk through the tour.
A virtual experience can be classic as 360° Panorama Tour can be implemented, but also as an interactive 3D Experience of products or places or as immersives 360° Video-Experience. 
Via interactive touchpoints, content can be made available for retrieval or integrated visually (virtual staging). In addition to text, retrievable content can also be classic website content such as photos, videos and PDFs. And of course also
  • E-LEARNING & TRAININGSTOUREN | Scalable training with content that will be remembered (optionally with LMS connection)
  • LIVE GUIDED TOURS | Live video communication in the tour 
  • POWERFUL HOTSPOTS | Interactions, additional information, details and fun to explore 
  • VIDEO-HOTSPOTS | Moderation and explanation in the tour 
  • 360° VIDEO | Hikes through 360° video worlds
  • EXTERNAL CONTENT | Visuals, forms or chat boxes
  • LIVE STREAM | Broadcast the conference trackable from any position
  • 3D PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR | The next dimension of product presentation 
  • 3D LANDSCAPES | Full orientation at first glance
  • 3D INTERIOR | Move like in a video game
  • 3D VR EXPERIENCE | Dive in and experience immersively with image and sound

Furthermore, interactive online content such as maps, entire websites, quiz cards, shop products, 3D views, AR projections and much more. include In addition, contact forms, calendars, e-learning (LMS) or surveys are also possible. 

With live stream videos, chat functions or video conferencing, the presentation tool becomes a communication tool.

Even if, for various reasons, you have been hesitant to equip your company's website with the above tools and enrich it with multimedia - in a Virtual Experience you have the possibility to do this and can use, test and try everything digitally that you have always wanted.

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