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shots with one LEICA BLK360 LASER combine the advantages and features of a Matterport 3D tour with precise 3D scan data for Scan2CAD and Scan2BIM.

The BLK360 laser is used when very precise Matterport 3D scan data with deviations of less than <0.1% are required - i.e. especially in the real estate sector for architects and civil engineers.

The Leica BLK360 laser can be combined with the Pro2 or Pro3 camera and so even very large rooms, such as e.g. B. A large empty warehouse and buildings with high ceilings can be included. The 3D scan data from the BLK360 is stored locally and is also available outside of the Matterport platform. Here is an excerpt of the main features:

  • 3D scan data with > 99.9% accuracy
  • Perfect for construction area
  • 3D recordings possible indoors and outdoors
  • Maximum object size up to 25,000 sqm.
  • Maximum daily capacity: "Busy" 1,500 sqm | "Normal" 3,500 sqm | "Open" 10,000 sqm
  • High-quality 3D models with professional scan data
  • Snapshots only make sense in combination with Pro2 or Pro3 - up to a maximum of 8000 x 4000 pixels
  • Access to all features of the Matterport Cloud Platform

More information about 3D photography with Matterport can be found here in the blog post.

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How long does a Matterport 3D Tour Scan take? What do I get per hour?

The recording time of a Matterport 3D tour depends on the Layout or floor plan of the object as well as of the used Camera ab.

Both Layouts let's distinguish between

  • Busy Layout | winding, small room structures with inventory - possibly also over several floors - mostly residential properties.
  • Normal Layout | Generous spatial structures with or without inventory - straight routing - mostly empty residential properties or commercial and retail properties with inventory as well as trade fair stands and exhibitions with exhibits.
  • Open Layout | Open spatial structures, halls or halls - large objects - mostly empty commercial or retail properties, exhibition and logistics halls and open congress centers (without seating).

Both Cameras let's distinguish between

  • Matterport Pro2 | Recording "Busy" approx. 2-3 sqm per scan point | "Normal" recording approx. 5-6 square meters per scan point | Recording "Open" approx. 8-10 sqm per scan point | Approx. 60 scan points per hour | Max. 6-7 meters ceiling height
  • Matterport Pro3 Lasers | Recording "Busy" approx. 2-3 sqm per scan point | "Normal" recording approx. 6 square meters per scan point | Recording "Open" approx. 12 -15 sqm per scan point | Approx. 80-100 scan points per hour | Max. 18 meter ceiling height
  • Leica BLK360 Laser (G2) | Like Pro3 camera

Accordingly, you can calculate as follows:

  • Busy per hour approx. 100 sqm (Pro2) to max. 150 sqm (Pro3)
  • Normally per hour approx. 150 sqm (Pro2) to 400 sqm (Pro3)
  • opens per hour approx. 400 sqm (Pro2) to 1,200 sqm (Pro3)
And how much does a Matterport 3D Tour project cost me?

The cost of a Matterport 3D Tour project depends on a variety of factors, e.g.

  • Object Size (3D Tour Scan)
  • Use case (single project or series, industry, target group)
  • Tour design (showcase player, menu, interaction points etc.)
  • Additional material (photos, floor plan, virtual staging, etc.)
  • Zusatz-Services (Analytics, Custom Domain, Lead Capture, Support etc.).

An old rule of thumb is here:

3D tour scan = tour design and additional material = additional services

So project cost = 3 times 3D tour scan price

Of course there are also deviations from this.

First example is a real estate agent, who just wants a Matterport recording and the standard snapshots from the tour, gets everything they need with the 3D Tour Scan and only calculates the 3D Tour Scan price accordingly. Another example would be a auction house, which is recorded in 1.5 hours, but then requires around 120 additional interaction points that describe the individual auction lots. Here the player menu with the interaction points would be a multiple of the scan price. Or another example from the real estate sector, where a construction project recorded in 2 hours, but then additional services such as Matterport Notes, 3D avatar conferencing and CAD drawings are required. Here, too, the additional services would be a multiple of the scanning costs.

So just send us a short one request for quotation or arrange one Telephone appointment with us and we calculate the offer price with you.

What special preparations should I make before a scan appointment?

Good and important question!

And because it's so important, we've got an extra one for the answer Page created, on which all tips for the best possible preparation of the recordings can be found.

Generally speaking, you should prepare your property as you would prepare it for a viewing. The camera sees everything that is visible to someone walking through the object.

What actually is Matterport? And what makes the Matterport tours so special?

content Matterport is a system for the almost complete visual recording of actually existing, accessible objects (Reality Capturing) and their depiction in a very realistic virtual tour.

Technical seen is a Matterport 3D Tour Online-Service, which provides a virtual tour when the web link is accessed. In this respect, Matterport can be compared with many other online services, e.g. with the widely used online services from Google (Youtube, forms, documents, maps, etc.), with online music services such as Spotify or Apple Music or with online shop systems such as Shopify.

The special on the Matterport 3D tours is the combination of high-resolution 360° photos with a 3D image of the interior in the background (3D scan), in which you can move freely with many selectable positions. This creates an unbelievable real experience  "like being there in person".

In addition to the unique 3D view and navigation, the Matterport 3D Tour scores with the possibility of being at any point in the room precise measurements with small deviations of approx. 1%.

Matterport tours are optimized for all end devices and look great on mobile phones, PCs, tablets or even in virtual reality.

Our Blog Post #1 3D Photography with Matterport.

Can I download the Matterport 3D Tour? Can I host myself?


Many customers want to have the Matterport 3D Tour offline or permanently download it from the Matterport server. This desire is given the accruing Hosting Fees for Matterport Cloud Hosting quite understandable, but still not useful.

There is one though App for iOS, which allows you to download Matterport Spaces and then view them offline. This is very practical if you want to present a Matterport tour to a customer without an internet connection or if you want to "hand it over" permanently. But basically, this is not a real download, nor is it a long-term hosting option.

Basically, it should be mentioned again that a Matterport 3D Tour is a Online-Service acts, who provides your tour when called. As with so many other online services. Accordingly, this service cannot simply be downloaded or it would be associated with restrictions and technical problems. Just compare it to downloading a website. Of course it's possible, but usually some technical functions no longer work after a very short time, pictures or buttons are missing or the browser only shows error messages and doesn't play the tour anymore. While we can't download the tour with the tour software, we can 3D files and the Pictures download individually. Check out our Matterpak article to learn more.

But if you are looking for a solution that you self host we recommend ours 360 Virtual Experiences. In larger numbers, 360 virtual experiences can be created with a similar efficiency as the Matterport 3D tours - it is definitely worth getting an offer for this as well.

What is the functionality of a Matterport 3D Tour?


Every Matterport tour comes along three views:

  • 1 | 360° Tour View - Icon Person - here you go through the 3D space, can look around in 360° and use the transparent navigation points to "move".
  • 2 | Floor plan view - Floor plan icon - here you can see a top view of the individual floors of the 3D tour. If you click on a point on the floor plan, you move there in the 360° view.
  • 3 | 3D view "Dollhouse"Icon 3D space - here you can see the unique 3D view of the Matterport Tour and get a complete picture of the area covered at first glance. This view is also "clickable".

You can optionally hide the 3D view or the floor plan view. There are more (optional) standard functionswho like you would like to introduce briefly. These can also be optionally hidden.

  • 4 | Floor selection - Floors icon - In the case of multi-storey tours, you can "jump" between the floors here.
  • 5 | Messmodus (optional) - Icon Lineal - a bit complicated at the beginning, but then a great tool to be able to take measurements in the tour or in the other views. The measuring mode can be deactivated again with the "X" at the top right. The dimensions are preserved in the tour (only for this viewer, not for all viewers).
  • 6 | VR view (optional) - Icon VR glasses - We build the VR view into the Matterport tours by default. The VR view can also be optimized in terms of positions (fewer positions, but more central). You can view the VR view with a so-called simple cardboard with your mobile phone or with professional VR glasses in the VR browser, such as an Oculus Quest.
  • 7 | Share function (optional) Icon Share - We disable this feature by default. It would allow every visitor to share the tour via a link on any channel imaginable. The tour then "goes viral". In each post with the cover photo and the short description.
  • 8 | Info function - info text line - Cover photo, name, address, contact number, email, short description and a website link can be installed here. This is also included in the standard scope.
  • 9 | Room labels (optional) - Room Label - The room names appear in the floor plan view and in the 3D view "Dollhouse".
  • 10 | 360° Views - 360° Icons to include exterior views, the so-called 360 views. With every Matterport 3D tour in the standard scope, we record a 360° view in front of the object and from each balcony/terrace. Additional exterior views can be booked as an option.


Optionally, as part of the Matterport post production book the following add-on features.

11 | Matter Day info points - Storytelling with Mattertag info points - this is how your Matterport 3D tour becomes an interactive experience. Our Mattertag info points offered here contain text information plus media content such as web links, shop links, online forms, photos, videos and much more. See a list of possible content here or try one here Mattertag Demo Space

12 | Schematic 2D/3D floor plan - You can order a schematic 2D/3D floor plan from any Matterport 3D tour in the following versions

  • Schematic 2D/3D floor plan without dimensions
  • schematic 2D/3D floor plan with dimensions
  • 2D schematic floor plan with site plan and CAD file
  • Schematic 3D floor plan with views and sections.

Here you can Download sample files (ZIP 4MB).

13 | Showcase Playbutton - Slideshow oder Walkthrough - The play button in the Matterport Highlight Reel presents the 3D Tour as a comfortable lean-back experience. Look for yourself - here the slide show and here the walkthrough

14 | Snapshot Images - Matterport snapshots can be taken from any scan position in different zoom levels (also as 360 panoramas) and are ideal for online marketing, but also - if improved with image processing such as Photoshop - for your printed marketing materials such as brochures, direct mailings and flyers. See some examples here. (50MB)

15 | Google Street View - Each Matterport 3D tour can be integrated 1:1 with Google Street View and made accessible via Google Maps and Google MyBusiness. Gain an additional marketing tool to draw even more attention to yourself.

16 | Scan2BIM - Matterpak data package - The MatterPak data package is intended for architects, engineers and construction professionals who import these assets into third-party 3D and CAD programs and use them to perform additional work. 

17 | Scan2BIM - E57 Pointcloud - As an alternative to the XYZ point cloud in the Mattrpak, we can also provide an E57 point cloud.

18 | Scan2BIM - CAD Services - We offer you the creation of 2D and 3D CAD files in ArchiCAD. Choose between a 2D CAD floor plan file or 3D BIM file as .DWG or .DXF. We model in the level of detail of LOD 200. 

19 | Matterport Notes Communication - With Matterport Notes, you can streamline collaboration within your team by moving the conversation—with all attachments—to the Digital Twin. Watch a short clip here

20 | Matterport Views - with "Views" we can create separate workflows based on permissions e.g. B. for remote inspections, e-learning courses, room planning, personalized virtual tours and much more. Still in "Beta Release", but will be officially available soon.

Can you add other features to a Matterport 3D Tour?


With Matterport overlays, e.g. MPSkin by Italian developers or Openhaus American developers can add many more functions, e.g.

  • Virtual Staging and 3D Virtual Staging (MPSkin)
  • Login area (MPSkin)
  • Tour Menu (MPSkin)
  • Mattertag Importer (MPSkin/Openhaus)
  • Live 3D Avatar Interaction (MPSkin)
  • Ecommerce Integration (Openhaus)
  • Lead Capture (Openhaus)
  • Google Analytics 4 (MPSkin)
  • Analytics Page (Openhaus)
  • Live Chat (MPSkin)
  • Design Mattertags (MPSKin/Openhaus)
  • uvm.

Ask a offer or contact us here in the chat and we'll be happy to show you some examples.

You can also find some examples on our Portfolio Page

I have more questions - where can I find the answers?

Visit our FAQ-Seven or ask us directly here in the chat!

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