MESH IMAGES - that means Matterport digital twins, 360 ° photo experiences and virtual tours in crisp, rendered 3D environments that are fun, connect and inspire - on all platforms - online, social, mobile or with VR and AR.

"Our solutions combine marketing, design, technology and storytelling in highly detailed, interactive 360 ° tours and 3D renderings that breathe more traffic and entertainment into the digital world of our customers."

Using the latest media and communication technology as well as the best available web tools, we produce comprehensive digital marketing, management and shop solutions for our customers, primarily from retail, culture and education as well as from the event and real estate industry.

Since it was founded in 2015 by Florian Wagner (photo above), MESH IMAGES BERLIN has been a leader in creating immersive online experiences with scanning, photography and 3D technology, as well as digital interactions and virtual tours. With our services we support numerous industries in their marketing, sales and business processes. We support our customers and help you to use our virtual tours and 3D products for more efficiency and effectiveness and of course to increase your sales.


As a team, we define ourselves by the values we work according to:

Have fun and support the team | Our work is a place where we enjoy what we do and who we do it with. We support each other and of course our customers too.
Be innovative, dedicated, and resourceful in everything you do | Be motivated to find a way. Let compulsions focus our attention and increase efficiency.
Try to amuse and surprise | We have fun and like to laugh and sometimes we work overtime for our customers and for each other.
Teamwork welds us together | The interaction of our unique skills and abilities as well as our imagination and our experience enables us to achieve our goals for ourselves and our customers.
Make the jar full again | We see an opportunity in everything. And we can determine our future and our present ourselves. You get at least what you set up and often more than that.
Take the time to get better - strengthen the team | We advance through the company that we develop and through the problems that we solve.
Don't mince your words | Open communication creates trust. Any question is allowed - any answer is welcome.