MESH IMAGES - these are Matterport Digital Twins, 360° photo experiences and virtual tours in crisply rendered 3D environments that are fun, connect and inspire - on all platforms - online, social, mobile or with VR and AR.

"Our solutions combine marketing, design, technology and storytelling in highly detailed, interactive 360° tours and 3D renderings that breathe more traffic and entertainment into the digital world of our customers."

With the latest media and communication technology and the best available web tools, we produce comprehensive digital marketing, management and shop solutions for our customers, mainly from retail, culture and education as well as from the event and real estate industry.

Founded in 2015 by Florian Wagner (photo above), MESH IMAGES BERLIN has been a leader in creating immersive online experiences using scan, photography and 3D technology, as well as digital interactions and virtual tours.

With our services, we support our customers from various industries in their marketing, sales and business processes. Our virtual tours and 3D products provide orientation and facilitate information and communication processes, thereby significantly improving efficiency and effectiveness.