Exclusive right of use

Here is the scope of rights for exclusive rights of use. 

Agreement on the Use of Photographs

in between

[Name and address of photographer/creator]

- hereinafter referred to as "author" -


[company name and address]

- hereinafter referred to as "Licensee" -



The subject of the present agreement is the transfer of usage rights to the following photographs:


The author assures that he is the sole owner of all unrestricted rights to the recordings to be made available and is therefore entitled to grant the licensee the contractual rights of use to the listed works.

License Terms

Upon payment of the agreed license fee, the licensee receives usage rights that are unrestricted in terms of time and location from the author.

In principle, however, the licensee only receives the right to use the photographic copyright. If applicable, other affected rights such as those of the people depicted, trademarks, works of art, buildings, etc. must be clarified and obtained independently by the licensee for the intended purpose of use.

purpose of use

Use is permitted for all media (e.g. printed matter, online media, presentations). The licensee acquires the exclusive rights of use for the print, web and presentation images.

The right to use Matterport 3D virtual tours expires upon termination of the hosting period with MESH IMAGES.

Prohibited Use

The photos can be modified by the licensee for his purpose. In particular, modifications are not permitted that distort the original image message in such a way that the author suffers personal disadvantages such as damage to his reputation, as well as modifications that are restricted and prohibited by other rights (e.g. personal rights, trademark rights). In these cases, express written permission must be obtained from the rights holder.


The resale or transfer of the recordings is not permitted. Excluded is the transfer as part of a larger work or the transfer of intended, separately provided recordings.

Security and Privacy

The originator assumes all customary and reasonable efforts with regard to security, in particular with regard to the confidentiality of licensee and payment data. A further warranty - in particular regarding claims for damages - is not provided by the author.

Severability Clause

If individual provisions of this contract are or become invalid or if loopholes become apparent, this does not affect the validity of the contract passages that are not affected. The respective statutory provisions shall take the place of the ineffective or incomplete regulations.


Place and Date Signature of Licensee



Place and date Signature of author