excl. 19% VAT.

Please select the total area to be scanned* [area m²]:≤ 200 m²
3D scan additionally with BLK360 laser:no

 UP TO 50% OFF 

For regular recordings or large volumes, we offer contracts with discounts of up to 50% over the agreed term.

With everybody MATTERPORT 3D TOUR SCAN receive:

  • Matterport 3D Tour Modell
  • Access to 3D data add-ons Matterpak, BIM file, E57 PointCloud
  • including 3 years hosting
  • + EUR 100 net for 5 years of hosting
  • With high-resolution 142 megapixel panoramas (current MP Pro2 camera) 
  • With a 360° view in front of the entrance as well as from terraces and balconies
  • including one tour snapshot per room
  • inkl. 2 Promotion Clips
  • including arrival in Berlin

Optionally, you can record with a LEICA BLK360 LASER to add. The BLK360 laser is used when the objects have particularly high spaces or are extraordinarily large, or for very precise Matterport 3D scan data with deviations of less than <0.1%. In addition, the BLK360 can also be used to record 3D scans outdoors.

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