Mick Jagger, 2020

Nikolai Makarov | Russian | Born 1952


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Nikolai Makarov | Russian | Born 1952

Acrylic on canvas

63 × 55 1/10 in

160 × 140 cm

Nikolai Makarov's works are in numerous collections worldwide, which are regularly shown in galleries and museums along with new paintings and art installations. In addition, the artist continues his impressive commitment to Russian-German cultural exchange to this day. Nikolai Makarov lives and works in Berlin.

The VIRTUAL GALLERY is showing an exhibition by Nikolai Makarov from March 20, 2022. The solo exhibition includes numerous new paintings by the Berlin-based artist, which are being exhibited for the first time. The works of Nikolai Makarov can be found in well-known collections, including Pierce Brosnan, Oliver Stone, Richard Gere, Ellen de Generes and Al Pacino.

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