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What does a 24/7 showroom bring me?

Customers inform themselves online in advance. With a 24/7 showroom

- open 24/7 - without additional personnel, electricity or heating costs

- create one online shopping experience also outside the shop opening hours

- inform you faster about your product range as im "3x4 Grid" your online store

- turn passers-by into followers. How it works? Very simple: after scanning the QR code, your shop page is called up and cookies are placed - this way, passers-by stay in contact with you via online advertising

- control the purchase decision with product information and multimedia information that entertain, inform and motivate

- create orientation in your showroom and bring customers directly to the product range - this saves time and stress and, on the other hand, creates more time for your other offers.

How can I use the 24/7 showroom?

1. QR Code in the window or on flyers and in advertisements | Every passer-by can find out about your offer at any time | The product tags refer to your shop page and turn passers-by into followers (via cookie placement) | This is how you stay in touch and remembered.

2. Split the 24/7 showroom Social Media - e.g. pinned post on Facebook | or by email e.g Newsletter

3. Bind the 24/7 showroom on your Website and allow your customers to preview your store (and store layout) and product locations

4. Publish the 24/7 tour on Google Street View (Add On)

5. Place the link to the tour in your Google Business Profile,

5. Share Tour Content from the 24/7 showroom on social media or in newsletters - e.g. 360° panoramas on Facebook or photo series on Instagram

How do the products get into the virtual tour?

Here you have 3 options:

1. You let us free hands and we create the media tags and products for you based on your website.

2. You send us photos of the productsthat you want to have displayed. We need 2 pictures per product. Picture 1 is the product as seen in your showroom. Image 2 is the product label with title and price.

3. You create one Excel table with the following information: title - price - link to the product on your website

How long does it take to complete?

We always try to deliver within 48 hours of the recording date (business days only).

Very large objects and/or many product tags can take up to 96 hours to complete.

The QR code as a DIN A2 sticker and as a DIN A2 print will be sent by post within 5 working days.


More information and examples can be found here