Matterport für Architektur und Bau | Mit Matterport alle Baustellen im Griff - MESH IMAGES BERLIN

#4 | Matterport for Architecture and Construction | All construction sites under control with Matterport

Improved information flow with Matterport 

Complete information in near real time for the entire team

The real strength of Matterport's 3D visualization platform lies in the highly automated and rapid creation of comprehensive 360° photo documentation with precise 3D scan data

Within a few hours after recording and uploading, users can access the information in the cloud. And thanks to optional password protection, only those users who should have access can do this. This predestines the system for extensive use in the areas Architecture, engineering and construction (Architecture ANDngineering Construction, hereinafter referred to as AEC designated). 

The essential features and advantages for the AEC industries at a glance:

  • Complete information in almost realtime available online for all project partners
  • 360 Tour with high-resolution panoramas (140 MP) and precise 3D data instead of individual photos and manual measurements
  • measurements directly in the 360 tour (Accuracy Deviation 3D file <1%)
  • Leave a Comment directly in the 360 Tour with Matterport Notes
  • collaborate - Send messages and share documents in the project team with Matterport Notes 
  • Share exact Positions via link (with zoom and orientation) via the share option
  • Perfect Milestone Documentation all trades
  • Matterport 360 Tour in Autodesk BIM 360 and retrieve (available as a partner card)
  • Matterpak 3D scan data in Autodesk Revit recall
  • Always up-to-date in the Matterport Cloud available - optional with password protection

Try it yourself - use the small ruler on the bottom left to activate the measurement mode and use the "U" key on your keyboard to get a deep link to share the position:

All information available online - always perfectly organised, technically up-to-date and fully documented

Many customers want to have the Matterport 3D Tour offline or permanently download it from the Matterport server. In view of the hosting fees incurred, this wish is understandable, but still not sensible.

Basically it should be mentioned here that it is a Matterport 3D Tour at one Online-Service acts, who provides your tour when called. As with so many other online services.

Accordingly, this service cannot simply be downloaded or it would be associated with restrictions and technical problems. Just compare it to downloading a website. Of course it is possible, but usually some technical details no longer work after a very short time or there are no pictures or the buttons no longer give any feedback.

That Online-Hosting the Matterport 3D tour Guaranteed in the Matterport Cloud all project partners that the tours will still be there in many years to come technically up to date and available are and that all the documentation orderly and Completely is available (360° tour, photos, 3D data, etc. etc.) - independently from the project team.
You can learn more about Matterport for the AEC industry in the video below. But one thing should be said here: Using the system is not quite as easy as it is shown in the video.



More efficiency on the construction site - accelerate the flow of information, reduce risks and significantly reduce costs

By accessing a digital twin of your construction site, you can reach a new level in terms of efficiency, collaboration and communication and save costs.  

Just a few hours after the scan, the 3D tour scan images are available online and accessible to all team members. That increases the transparency and reduced the number of required visits and the time required on the construction site. All team members can make faster and better decisions.

with Matterport Notes project teams can work better together. You can leave internal notes in the tour and send them to project members with a click and an email. The notes also work as Task list and communication tool. Project members can click on the note reply, own send files and if tick doneonce the note is finished editing. A great tool for fewer Post-Its and above all for faster information flow and fewer costly mistakes in the project.


Measurements can be taken in the browser at any point on the 3D tour. And with the 3D data from the Matterpak, a precise comparison of the actual status with the 3D planning data is possible at any time. With BLK360 scan data with deviations in the range < 0.1%. The risk of unnecessary errors and expensive rework can be significantly reduced.

Do you know the Matterpak? Read more about the 3D data captured with the Matterport 3D Scan here.

With the Matterport 3D Tour scans of the construction site all trades and milestones perfectly documented and made available in the long term - also for property management over the entire life cycle of the property. This reduces costs and increases returns - on the construction site and over the entire useful life of the property.

Matterport Scan2BIM - a small investment with a big benefit that will pay off for everyone involved. 

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